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Our Vision

We endeavor to build a generation of girls and women with equal rights and opportunities, encouraging them to become pillars and pioneers in the development of their communities.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower girls and women among the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon to become leaders in their communities, with the aim of eradicating discrimination against women in all its forms.

WPA empowers women and youth by equipping them with the knowledge and skills they need to work towards financial independence, through vocational trainings and work opportunities; encouraging them to become actively involved in the betterment of their society. The association provides a platform for at-risk members of the community to gain experience in leadership, to develop confidence in decision-making roles, and to develop entrepreneurial mindsets.

WPA aims to contribute to the economic, cultural, and social development of the Palestinian people in Lebanon.


Our Values

· To ensure harmony with international laws and with the universal declaration of human rights, as well as the rights of children, women, and the disabled.

· To ensure harmony between WPA and the ethical values and goals of our society.

· To guarantee political and religious neutrality.

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