Education & Awareness

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Arab Resources Collective (ARC): Mother and Child Parenting Program

The Arab Resources Collective targets young mothers, educating them on proper child care, covering topics from basic hygiene to education. The project is free for mothers, runs for nine months at a time, and usually engages 25 mothers at a time. The project has been running since 2012, and so far, has benefitted over 125 mothers.


Arab Resources Collective (ARC): Health & Education, Protection Parenting Program

The Education and Health for Young Children initiative targets both mothers and fathers, educating parents on basic child care practice, from hygiene, to discipline, to education. The project is entirely free and runs for a duration of 6 months. The program has been running since 2015, and has benefitted over 35 families.


BLN (Basic Literacy & Numeracy) by ANERA

The BLN project targets Palestinian and Syrian refugees between the ages of 14 and 24, providing education services in Arabic, English, Math, and Life Skills. The project started in early 2017, and offers 95 sessions per student free of charge.